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Tagua Stick Bracelet from Colombia

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Sustainably harvested tagua nuts are sliced into sticks and dyed rich shades of purple and black, then strung together to create this colorful bracelet, sure to brighten up any outfit. Tagua is the seed of an endangered species of palm trees that grow in the tropical rainforests of South America. When ripe tagua seeds fall to the ground and are sun-dried for 4-8 weeks, they become extremely hard and are ready to be carved and dyed.

Tagua is referred to as "botanical ivory" due to its resemblance to elephant ivory and ability to be carved in the same manner. Crafting tagua into jewelry not only provides income to artisans at Piel Acida in Colombia, it also provides incentives to protect and preserve the rainforests.

  • Measures 1-1/2” wide
  • With variable elastic diameter

Handmade in Colombia and fair trade imported.


Piel Acida - Tagua 
Artisan Profile


An artisan at workPiel Acida is an artisan based organization located in the urban city of BogotaColombia. The organization was conceived in 1995 by Ana Piedrahita, an entrepreneur from Bogota. She was inspired by a handmade box from Uruguay made from dried orange peels. She experimented with the idea and was able to succeed in producing a wide array of unique and intriguing items from this very natural and sustainable material. Constant demand from the market and the potential of this innovative product lead to the formal registration of Piel Acida in 2000. Today Piel Acida works with artisan communities across Colombia, creating a wide range of contemporary and traditional crafts.

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