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Recycled Tire Tube I-Pad Cases from El Salvador

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Handmade in El Salvador using recycled inner tubes from car and truck tires, these I-Pad Cases are a great way to protect your I-Pad. 

    • Measures 10 3/4" high x 8" wide
    • Front flap w/velcro

    Due to their recycled nature, no two bags are exactly alike. Please see below for our extended description about how recycled leather is made. Handmade in El Salvador and fair trade imported.


    Uca Ruffatti Artisan Story
    El Salvador

    UCA Tire Tubes 200x191In Santa Ana, El salvador, discarded truck and car tires litter the road, ravines, and rivers, causing harm to the environment. Fortunately, one small artisan group, Uca Ruffatti, is not only helping to clean up the mess, but turning waste it into beautiful and functional works of art! Uca Ruffatti collects the inner tubes from the discarded tires and uses them to create handbags, purses, wallets and cosmetic bags in a variety of sizes and designs. The long-lasting toughness of the material contributes to the products' extensive life and durability. Some items are accented with recycled leather scraps and locally-grown cotton and indigo.

    Category: School & Office

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