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Organic Chocolate Bars from Peru

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Share the sweet tastes of the Amazon with organic chocolate bars that promote rainforest conservation. 70% Dark Chocolate paired with three sustainably-harvested rainforest treats: Brazil Nut, Quinoa or Coconut to make for a healthy and natural snack.

  • USDA Certified Organic and Fair Trade
  • 70% Dark Chocolate
  • Each Bar is 2.8 oz (80 gr.)
  • Available flavors: Brazil Nut, Quinoa, Coconut
  • Also available with a handwoven cotton string bag from Guatemala

Harvested by hand and fair trade imported from Peru.


Candela Peru Artisan Story

Madre de Dios, a mountainous area of pristine forests, is one of the poorest regions of Peru. The most lucrative industry here is the collection and processing of the Amazon (Brazil) nut into oils, candy and candles for export. Unfortunately, few producers are informed or rewarded for extracting the oil in a sustainable manner meaning the region's rates of rainforest destruction are almost as high as its poverty. 

Candela Peru is an alternative biotrade organization which began acting as a fair trade business in the brazil nut industry in 1989 in order to improve circumstances for this region of Peru.

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