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Mantled Howler Monkey Puppet from Colombia

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Young upcoming puppeteers will enjoy this adorable plush mantled howler monkey puppet. Put it on your hand, and begin an interesting story telling session. A great prop for make-believe play and developing interaction skills among kids.

These plush puppets are handmade by women from Colombia - a much needed source of income for their families. Further, these toys help Eco-Colombia support and fund the rehabilitation and conservation of illegally trafficked monkeys. Purchase of these products will support the women, children, and monkeys in Colombia.

  • Measures 9” high x 13” across arm to 

Handmade in Colombia and fair trade imported.



Fundación Ecologica Santa Fe in Colombia, has been playing a vital role in the conversation and protection of the environment. Several efforts lead to the idea of, creating a zoological park called the “Forest of Independence”, where the foundation could conserve, protect and rehabilitate various animals, birds and reptile species. FundECO-COL-artisan_15ación Ecologica Santa Fe, runs a special program under which it rehabilitates and returns back the Colombian monkey to its natural habitat. Most of these Colombian monkeys are confiscated from people involved in illegal wildlife trafficking. Colombia's habitat destruction from agricultural expansion and the cultivation of coca plants threatens the survival of many such species.

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