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Green Calabash Bracelet from El Salvador

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Lagenaria siceraria, bottle gourd, opo squash or long melon is a vine grown for its fruit, which can either be harvested young and used as a vegetable, or harvested mature, dried, and used as a bottle, utensil, pipe, jewelry and more! These wonderful Green Calabash Bracelets are handmade in El Salvador at the artisan workshop known as Moje.

  • Measures 2-1/2" Diameter Interior
  • Measures 3-1/2" Diameter Exterior
  • Stretchy, Built to fit all sizes wrists!

Handmade in El Salvador and Fair Trade Imported.


El Salvador

A Salvadoran NGO, which implements projects, aimed at generating opportunities for youth with a holistic approach. 

MOJE began by working with young ex-gang members and youth at risk of social exclusion, located in violent and marginal urban areas in Ilobasco, a rural town one hour away from San Salvador and has grown into a highly regarded artisanal micro enterprise training center. Moje continues to work with former gang members and with at risk youth in three programs:

  1. Marketing Crafts
  2. Training Program-Technical Business and Job Placement
  3. Training and Education Program.

Also, MOJE provides human development activities for youth such as aid in self-esteem and psychological attention

Category: Jewelry

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