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Giant Decorative Gourd Aquarium from Peru

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Throw away that high maintenance acquarium and replace it with this life-like underwater giant gourd masterpiece created by Peruvian artisans. This giant gourd has been hand-painted with vibrant colors depicting sea life inclding fishes, eels, and sea plankton and complete with bubbles. It is so real-to-life; just more fish food, changing water, and cleaning algae from the sides of the tank. For maintenance an occaional feather dusting will serve fine, and turn it once in a while for a completely different view. This hand-painted giant gourd is a true collectors item and inspires you to go snorkeling!

  • Measures 13-1/2” high x 14-1/2” diameter

Handmade, painted, and fair trade. Imported from Peru.


Artesanias Peru - Esperanza and Raquel Artisan Story


Cochas Chico and Coches Grande, twin farming villages nestled in the Andean mountains of Huancayo Peru, are home to a rich tradition of gourd carving. It's also home to Esperanza Palomino and Raquel Sabastian Rojas, two women who have established small fair-trade businesses to help create new jobs for the artisans in their village. Besides creating new jobs for artisans aged ten to sixty, both women manage work distribution from the main office to give priority to the families with the greatest need.

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