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Cotton Shawls from Guatemala

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These cotton shawls, are perfect as a light wrap and can also be used as a throw on your couch, adding a rich color accent to your home decor. Available in an assortment of colors with a tassel finish and handwoven on backstrap looms by eight artisans from the village of San Juan Comalapa in Guatemala. The non-profit organization Mayaworks supports this and other artisan communities in the central highlands of Guatemala through loans, scholarships and assistance in bringing their products to market.

  • Measures 72” long x 18” wide

Handmade in Guatemala and fair trade imported.


Mayaworks Artisan Story









Maya Works is a non-profit organization that works with many Mayan artisan communities in Guatemala. The organization works towards finding the right marketing platform for the artisans and their products. Maya Works believes in community development through economic development, and the organization’s ultimate goal is to overcome poverty and illiteracy and to create a fair marketplace where artisans may benefit directly from their work.

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