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Assorted Food Print Aprons from India

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Recycled, handmade and durable are a few qualities of our reversible aprons that are lined on the inside with hand block-printed kalamkari fabrics. Made from discarded or rejected digitally printed polyvinyl billboard advertisements, these aprons will surely encourage you to try out a new recipe every day. These aprons are the perfect eco-friendly accessory for your kitchen or gift for foodies, environmentalists or home chefs.

These fantastic recycled aprons are hand-stitched by women artisans at Speed Trust, a non-profit organization located in the southern part of India. This organization supports socially and economically disadvantaged women from urban slum areas through vocational training, financial support and income generation.

  • Measures 35” high x 25-1/2” wide
  • One of a kind - please accept the design we choose for you

Handmade and fair trade imported from India.


SPEED Trust Artisan Story - Recycled Billboard Bags


SPEED Trust (Slum People Education & Economic Development), is a non-profit organization based in Chennai, India. The organization supports, socio-economically deprived women from the urban slum areas of Chennai. SPEED Trust partnered with Baladarshan, a fair trade network of organizations which supports various women craft producers, organizations and cooperatives working towards creating better livelihood opportunities, self-sustainability and a platform for their products.

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