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Zero Waste Events

How To Host A Zero Waste Event

Glasgow Festival 2014 took place between the 23rd July and 3rd August alongside the sporting action at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Organisers of the festival were keen to recycle as much as possible and Vegware was on hand to make sure this fantastic event was as sustainable as it could be! 

As part of efforts to minimise waste, the organisers of the event specified that all food traders must go completely compostable, and all the food stands across all four festival sites used Vegware’s compostable disposables to serve up their tasty grub. Vegware’s environmental team worked closely with traders before and during the event, to ensure everyone was using the right packaging and understood the benefits of going compostable. 

Together with Zero Waste Scotland, Vegware worked in partnership with Festival 2014 organisers to recruit over 80 volunteer recycling ambassadors to help visitors to the sites across Glasgow to separate their waste to ensure as much as possible could be recycled. Prior to the event Vegware was on hand to train volunteers so they fully understood their role and the zero waste ambitions of the event.

The volunteers were vital to ensuring high recycling rates, and with their help Festival 2014 achieved an impressive 81% recycling rate – a fantastic achievement for such a large scale event!

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