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The entire Vegware team strives to have the worlds' best customer service, so it means the world to us to hear from you, our customers. Thank you for your messages! 

Real Emails From Our Customers:

Impressed and Pleased!

November 18, 2011 

Thank you so much! I have already received notice that the shipment is at customs. I must say how impressed and pleased I am with the efficiency of service Vegware provides.

Thanks again, 

Excellent Customer Service

November 1, 2011 

Thank you for your excellent customer service. I am pleased with the issue resolution. Thank you for the new lids.


Invite Vegware to your next wedding, John and Ann did!

Recently, two members of Vegware's extended family (if you are reading this, that means you too!) decided to marry and trusted Vegware to provide all of the disposable products they needed to serve their delicious vegan food to their guests on their special day, read on to learn more about John 
and Ann...

Ann and John


John and I met mountain biking in November 2007. I am a long-time vegan - for the animals, health, and the environment. Upon learning how destructive peoples' actions can be, John happily joined me in a less consumptive way of life. We had the ceremony and reception in a beautiful outdoor setting under a large pavilion. When it came time to choose tableware for our wedding, we hadn't looked long when we came across Vegware's website. It was perfect! Everything we used was compostable. The caterer, also vegan and very aware, volunteered to take the used tableware to a woman who could use it all. We had two large garbage bags full. Our trash was made up only of cupcake papers! 


We made sure to make an announcement at the reception, telling them about the Vegware we used. Many people didn't even know it existed. Several told us they were happy to see that we had used compostable tableware. 

It was very tough stuff. We will definitely use Vegware again. 

Thank you!!

Fast Shipping

April 10, 2009 

We ordered our 'Vegware' on 4/7...imagine our surprise when we received it 4/9! It looks great. Thanks for making such good stuff. We will be using everything at our wedding & reception next month. 

Thanks again, 

Making People Happy

October 13, 2009 

Thank you so much for your donation of Vegware plates & utensils. The staff at Northeast Placement Services enjoyed a brunch that utilized those items. There was much interest in your product and a few people took handouts.

It is due to the generosity of businesses like yours that allows us to offer a special day for our staff & clients which was greatly appreciated. Your support will not be forgotten. Thank You Again. 

Kind Regards, 
Bonny Woodward