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CPLA Cutlery

What is CPLA?

CPLA is a fully compostable high-heat cutlery made from molded corn starch. 

Can I use Vegware cutlery for hot foods?

Yes. Unlike some other starch cutlery on the market, our cutlery can withstand heat over 180°F (85C).

Will Vegware cutlery dissolve in drinks and wet foods such as soups?

No. You can use Vegware cutlery like you would any other utensil. However, if you leave it soak in water overnight, the outside may become slightly 'tacky' until dried.

How long can Vegware cutlery be kept prior to use?

Vegware utensils come packed in bags of 50 items, and there is no known limit to their shelf-life whilst in the original packaging. However, water will cause this product to break down over time (even without bio-degradation occurring), which may have implications for utensils stored out of bags for long periods in a very moist environment.

Can I reuse Vegware cutlery?

Yes. Please do. Our utensils are marketed mainly as disposables, but there is no need to throw them away! Wash and dry them, then store in a dry environment.

What do you mean by 'durable', and how is it compatible with being compostable?

Durable means that the cutlery will withstand the rigors of dining on foods which exert greater levels of force, such as hard ice cream, stabbing carrots onto a fork, etc. Durable has no relationship with compostable - they are completely independent characteristics. Wood is compostable, but people build homes which are 'durable', lasting hundreds of years. However, allow the wood to become moist and dry rot sets in, i.e. moisture, heat, and microorganisms, also known as bio-degradation (composition). 

What standards does the cutlery comply to?

The utensils are fully compostable, GMO free and carry an ASTM6400 certification. 

Why don't you sell wooden cutlery?

Many of our customers come to us having used wooden cutlery.... 

Please see our end-of-life FAQ for the definitions of biodegradable and compostable and the standards mentioned above.