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Compost On Campus

Composting On Campus

The University of Cambridge Catering Services have gone completely compostable, with help from eco packaging pioneers Vegware. For the new 2015/16 academic year, Vegware's plant-based eco packaging is being used by the University Catering Services, which comprise:

- 7 catering operations
- 6,500 sales transactions a day
- 1,500 department events a year

Vegware's environmental team helped set up the right waste system for all used Vegware to be composted together with food waste, and ran Green Day events to help students understand the new bin system.

Vegware's Eco Audits quantify the difference this new system is making. Every month, the University Catering Service…

- Saves 1.5 tonnes of carbon
- Saves 710 kilos of virgin materials
- Composts 1.5 tonnes of used packaging


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