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Bagasse Fiber Tableware


Here are answers to some of the questions you may have about Vegware's Bagasse Fiber tableware. If you are wondering about something which is not covered, please let us know and we will add it to the list. 

What is Bagasse?

Bagasse is the dry fibrous residue left after sugar cane stalks have been crushed to extract juice. Bagasse plates and bowls are pressed in a high-heat, high-pressure process. With the fibers already crushed, considerably less energy is required to create bagasse products compared with pulping wood for paper products. Normally the fibers are burned as fuel, though the power yield is low and the process is polluting.

Are the plates , bowls and take-out boxes sturdy?

Yes, The Bagasse tableware is thicker and more rigid in service than paper plates or bowls, and the take-out boxes are suitable for serving hot, wet or oily foods.

Can I use these biodegradable plates, bowls and cups for hot oily or wet foods?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, their thickness means that they have ideal thermal properties for hot, wet or oily foods.

Can I heat food in a microwave on a compostable plate or bowl or in the take-out boxes?

Yes, though this is only advised for 2-3 minutes.

How long will compostable plates, cups, and bowls take to break down?

These items break down in a few months in domestic compost conditions. When immersed in water at room temperature, disintegration takes 1 week. At the present time, the tableware has not been certified under any of the international standards discussed in our end-of-life FAQ.

Where's the catch?

No catch - this is great stuff. The plates are rigid enough that you can load them with food, and still hold one-handed to one edge. They are biodegradable, and completely suitable for composting

Please see our end-of-life FAQ for the definitions of biodegradable and compostable and the standards mentioned above.