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Learn More About Green Valley Packaging

Green Valley Packaging is a key distributor for the Vegware brand of eco friendly catering disposables and food packaging, serving the New England and online markets. Vegware products are stylish, functional, economic and sustainable. The Vegware range spans cutlery through to tableware, napkins hot and cold drink cups, and takeaway packaging.


Here are four reasons why you should be using Vegware products:

1. Low carbon - real, quantifiable reductions
2. Low impact - we only use renewable or recycled materials
3. Low waste - organics recycling means we think resource, not waste
4. Low cost - our job is to make sustainable packaging economic

These are REAL and QUANTIFIABLE benefits, and we believe that it's important to know exactly what the value to the environment is. On request we can provide our clients with statements which show: 


* Carbon saved compared with standard packaging
* Virgin material saved
* Total potential landfill diversion 

Where we operate

We operate from Brooklyn, CT, USA.