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Compostable Tableware Made From Plants

All of our eco packaging products are made from annually-renewable or recycled materials, and are all biodegradable or compostable. Some of our products are made from bagasse, which is a biodegradable and compostable, that is made from sugarcane fiber left over after juice extraction. 

About Green Valley Packaging

The goal at Green Valley Packaging is to provide an economic and environmental alternative to oil-based plastics in the food service sector. Switching to Green Valley Packaging products reduces the use of non-renewable resources, and will enable a shift in the way waste is managed. Green Valley Packaging exists to provide universities, distributors, governmental agencies, not for profits, corporations, and people with the best biodegradable food service products in the world at economically sensible prices.

Our Philosophy

By harnessing technology in creative ways, we can reduce the impact of today's consumer society. Our products are made from plants. By choosing natural materials, we can reduce pollution, the use of finite resources, and the amount of waste which must be disposed of in a landfill.